University of Florence

The University of Florence is a relatively young Institution with ancient roots going back to the Studium Florentinum founded in 1321.

The didactic and research activities are located in the historical centre of Florence, in various campuses all over the city, and in nearby cities of Tuscany, with about 57,000 students, almost 5% of them coming from foreign countries, thanks also to more than 600 agreements of scientific and didactic cooperation with foreign Universities.

The University of Florence counts, in the new structure which is operative from January 2013:

  • 24 Departments of research and didactic activity
  • 12 Schools of didactic coordination (in the areas of Agriculture, Architecture, Economics, Pharmacy, Law, Engineering, Arts, Medicine and Surgery, Psychology, Education, Mathematical, Physical and Natural Sciences, Political Sciences) the University of Florence
  • 59 first cycle degree courses, 63 second cycle degree courses and 7 single-cycle degrees (Lauree magistrali a ciclo unico)
  • 35 PhD programmes with more than 100 curricula overall
  • a renowned Museum of Natural History (with six sections and several historical scientific collections)
  • 10 research centres (Centri di Ricerca, Trasferimento e Alta Formazione) destined to new and particularly advanced research themes
  • 16 Interdepartmental centres, 22 Interuniversity centres, and various facilities such as the Centro Linguistico di Ateneo, the Centro di Cultura per Stranieri, the Centro Servizi Informatici e Informativi dell’Ateneo Fiorentino, and the Centro di servizi di ateneo per la Valorizzazione della Ricerca e e la gestione dell’Incubatore Universitario
  • 30 interuniversity organizations participated
  • 6 big libraries (Biomedica, Scienze, Scienze Sociali, Scienze Tecnologiche, Umanistica and Biblioteca del Polo Universitario di Prato) organized within the the University Library system (

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